Peer Review Process

Description of the Peer Review Process

The articles submitted for publication in the Romanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology are reviewed by experts in the field that the article/paper under consideration deals with. The referees may be members of the journal's Editorial Board, if they have sufficiently specialised knowledge of the paper's field, or may be others from a list of experts known to the editor.

When a submitted paper first arrives at the editorial office of the journal, it is first vetted by the editor, who may reject it for being either "out of scope" (not dealing with the right subject matter of the journal) or manifestly of such low quality that it cannot be considered at all.
Papers that pass this first hurdle are then sent to experts in the field of the paper, usually two, who are generally asked to classify the paper as publishable immediately, publishable with amendments and improvements, or not publishable. If one or both of the two referees disagree, the paper may be sent to a third, or the editor may adjudicate between them (effectively acting as the third referee).
The identity of the referees remains unknown to the authors of the articles.

The corresponding author of a manuscript is informed about the final decision of the referees within 45 days after submission.
Revised manuscripts should be resubmitted as soon as possible but not later than 14 days.